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Name: Jon Lavigne
Date registered: April 15, 2011
URL: http://twitter.com/psyfallen
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It's hard for Psyfallen to tell people about himself. So he asked me to do it for him. Psyfallen grew up in Montreal, Canada making him the official compound token Canadian. He has no siblings and is thankful for it. Somehow he always knew that something was off with him. His interests did not match up with most kids in his school. Always a loner he would prefer reading books in schoolyard rather than play games with his classmates. Then in 1985, everything started making sense. Life had a new purpose. He got his very first console, a Nintendo Entertainment System. No challenge was left untamed, and no match was left in defeat. At least that was the case when playing games by himself. He had a hatred for multiplayer games because it meant dealing with real people. As it is in games so it is in real life. After a horrendous string of disastrous relationships, Psyfallen decided to move as far away from his hometown as possible. He cashed in his savings and hoped on a plane to fly across the continent and one country away and arrive in the fabled land of the geek, Seattle WA. Currently he is employed by Amazon. No one knows what he does for them, he won't say. No one has ever noticed him leaving the house except to go to get more games. Psyfallen always thought that he was the first resident of the GVL compound until Lawjick climbed out of the basement in search of snacks. He got first pick of room so he choose the one closest to the living room, which just so happens to be the smallest room in the compound. Barely larger than El's closet, he seldom spends any time in there, preferring the comfort of the living room where the TV and consoles live. Sometimes he goes to his room, but that's mostly to play computer games or sleep. Areas of Geekdom: Games (*except multiplayer), music, comics, cinema, obscure trivia, webcrawler, microwave culinary arts, & the only sport that really matters, Hockey. Likes: Big butts (he cannot lie), videogames, redheads, Hockey Night in Canada, Coke Zero, fried cheese curds, girls with ponytails, blondes, smoking, music, cinema, television, brunettes, teen drama shows, cats, the Marvel Universe, certain musicals, girls with black hair & long walks on the beach. Dislikes: People (*except for the denizens of the compound which he believes are artificial constructs his mind might have developed to prevent him from talking to himself more than he already does.) Anything else you might want to know about him, you will have to ask him yourself. Contact Info: Twitter: @Psyfallen Email: psyfallen@gmail.com Xbox Gamertag: Psyfallen PSN ID: Psyfallen

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Oct 26

All for One and One for all! (Unless you’re Player 2)

Here’s my problem (or rather my Life Co-oper’s) with this game and many other co-op games in general: Player 2 gets no acheivements. Granted she isn’t as bad an acheivement whore as I am, but it still feels nice to get rewarded for playing the game. For most games it seems to be a problem …

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Oct 12


In the process of becoming an adult, sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that stuff that happens at work needs to stay at work. Even the normal things like talking about my day can’t really leave the confines of my office. It’s not really a question of corporate secrets, it’s just …

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Sep 28

Quickscope Movie Review: 50/50

A few weeks ago, I got a pass for two to go see 50/50 starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With my life co-oper being out of town for business, I dragged Lawjick out of the basement to come see a free movie with me. And honestly things couldn’t have worked out better. The movie …

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Sep 21

Gorilla Challenge Accepted and Completed

Although it happened only a a little a week ago, right now it feels like it was last month. Half of the GVL crew (Lawjick, Peanut and I), some friends, a lab partner, and life co-oper finally took part in the rescheduled Gorilla Challenge. (more info here). The experience was mostly positive all around for …

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Sep 14

Game Break: No time for love Herr Jones

Remember that post a few weeks back about job interviews and ettiquette I did a few weeks back? No? Read this first. So good news: I got the job! W00t! I start tomorrow my new life of gainful employement at Microsoft in the Xbox Live division. Bad news: I don’t have time to write because …

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Sep 07

“Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean.”


This is quite possibly the best piece of movie swag I have ever gotten. Some movies will give you crap like sunglasses you will never wear. Others will give you posters that will gather dust in the basement because you will “eventually want to decorate thew playroom.” The swag geniuses of Contagion saw the possibilities …

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Sep 07

Level grind for extra cash, too many games coming soon.

For this weeks Life Achievement Unlocked column, I was going to compile an exhaustive list of all the video games coming out from now till Christmas. Here’s the problem with exhaustive lists though, the list is very exhausting to make. By my count, there is approximately 100 games being released in September alone, granted that is including all of the consoles: …

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