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Jun 17

Everything you need to know about handcuffs

Ethernet flogger by feralswirl

Quick! Think of something kinky! Not crazy weird kinky, but hmm-sounds-like-fun-if-only-my-partner-would-let-me-get-away-with-it kinky. If you thought of floggers, violet wands, or mummification, you already know all I have to teach you. You are free to go. If you thought of handcuffs, by all means, Tweet

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Jun 10

Advice Time Nao: Cowboy up

  Dear Peanut, I’m an attractive geek girl. There’s this guy I’ve been sort-of-not-really-yes-really dating for a couple months that will not take any of my hints that I want to have sex with him. We make out a lot, we’ve shared a bed wearing just underwear, and occasionally I climb on top of him …

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