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Observations of the Geek Aesthetician

Sep 19

Blake Northcott VS Reality


Blake Northcott made her way through her teens the way most of us do; awkward, out of place, just wanting to fit in. At fourteen and 5’9”, she was convinced she was the ugly duckling. Not an unusual story, but certainly one a lot of us can relate to. Unable to find much happiness or …

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Sep 12

Forever Banned From the Closet!


Ah, it does appear to be that time again, doesn’t it? The sad thing about these articles is I never actually plan to write them. I go out, wander through a mall with the intent to add things to my closet and then monstrosities leap out from the racks, begging me to warn everyone. Designers …

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Sep 05

Pax Prime 2011: The Bigger, Faster, Stronger Booth “Babe”


So, a few months ago, I did a piece about booth babes. To recap it was about how the idea of a booth babe could be vastly improved by gender equality, providing them with ample information about your product and costume relevancy (legitimate photo ops). This year, when I wandered into PAX, I ran into …

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Sep 03

Extra Lifestyle / [Redacted] Project – Boots

Aperture Boot Exploded

Are you kidding?  The fall will probably kill ya. Far be it from me to want to encroach upon someone else’s territory, so I’ve asked Karma to look over this article*. This week, I wanted to discuss a bit of cosplay. It’s pretty obvious that I love Portal, so when I saw this costume of Chell at …

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Aug 29

Extra Lifestyle – Delay

FireFall Sculpture Outside the 4th Floor Expo Hall

FireFall Sculpture Outside the 4th Floor Expo Hall So there’s going to be a delay in ‘Extra Lifestyle’. See, GVL spent the weekend at PAX Prime this weekend. There was lots of interviews and picture taking and sitting/standing/dancing in lines. Gaming conventions for me are more social events than anything–for meeting new friends and renuniting …

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Aug 22

Wigs 101 – Choosing a Good Wig


If you know me (or if you’ve seen any photos of me over the years), you’ll know that I’m very fickle when it comes to hair color. It’s one of my favorite features because you can do so much with it. By changing color or cut, you can look/feel like a completely different person… however …

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Aug 16

The Art of Having a Constructive Breakdown

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Let me level with you. Being human? It sucks. No, really, it does and that’s the first thing we need to accept before we’re going to get anywhere. Why? Because too many people think that being optimistic–being happy–means ignoring all of those horrible things that drag us down. As a terminal optimist, I would like …

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