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Aug 04

Theatre Review: In the Next Room (The Vibrator Play)

With a name like The Vibrator Play, how could I not go see it? I was sold the moment I saw the poster, a photo of a barely-clad woman dangling an electrical plug from her fingers. The poster was mildly misleading with its tacit promise of at least some amount of eroticism, but it turned …

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Jul 28

Book Review: A Billion Wicked Thoughts

It’s Thursday evening. You’re alone. No one will be home for hours. It’s just you, the Internet, and whatever your naughty mind can come up with. Only one question remains. What do you google? This is the question that A Billion Wicked Thoughts seeks to answer. In the past anything that we could learn about …

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Jul 21

Communicating like a Kinkster: Use Your Words

The other evening I was at a gay bar with some lady friends. Gay bars have long been the perfect solution for girls who just want to dance and have their shoes admired without getting hit on by skeevy bar guys. Turns out skeevy bar guys are a little more canny than anyone suspected and …

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Jul 08

Peanut’s Kinky Lexicon (Abridged)

Like any subculture, kink has its own special language. The ever-changing terms can be confusing and hard to follow even to those active in the community.  Today I am here to give you my definitions of some words you may be unfamiliar with or have misconceptions about. Use them to impress and disturb your friends! …

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Jul 01

Achoo! Bless me. Yeah, Baby, just like that.

Dear Peanut, So I was bouncing around on the Twitters, and I saw a discussion on sneezing fetishes.  What is this? Thanks, -Confused By Psyfallen   Psyfallen is a confusing guy. He’s also apparently a sadist who has now caused me to read Supernatural sneezing fanfiction, which is really not my kind of sadism. First …

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Jun 24

We Talk the Talk. Can We Walk the Slutwalk?


  When first I heard of the Seattle Slutwalk, my immediate reaction was, “I am there.” When I found out there was actually a good purpose for the march and not just an excuse to wear criminally short skirts in public I liked it even more. For those unaware, a Slutwalk is a protest against …

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Jun 17

Everything you need to know about handcuffs

Ethernet flogger by feralswirl

Quick! Think of something kinky! Not crazy weird kinky, but hmm-sounds-like-fun-if-only-my-partner-would-let-me-get-away-with-it kinky. If you thought of floggers, violet wands, or mummification, you already know all I have to teach you. You are free to go. If you thought of handcuffs, by all means, Tweet

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