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Adventures of the Social Explorer

Nov 08

ROFLtastic Propaganda Roundup

No really — I’m at a loss for words. Maybe it’s because I’m still laughing hysterically over these videos and if I don’t shut up soon, I’m going to wet myself. OMG COMMUNIST RICKROLL!!! Tweet

Sep 28

I can haz best video of 2011?

I really love cats and therefore “Can’t Hug Every Cat,” but I can’t stop giggling hysterically over this video. Neither can the other 6 million or so viewers. Enjoy! Go Michel and Sven! Tweet

Sep 27

Naked Asian explores: The gamer’s #firstworldproblem

  Contrary to popular belief, the Internet is not just for porn. Behold, the latest of my discoveries. I was browsing through the awesome Colony of Gamers when I encountered the most amazing first-world problems thread. Even better? I didn’t have to see any dong. If only I could say the same about Uno… My …

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Aug 31

Cute, but deadly: Slug Bug.

This is how the game usually goes:   Person 1: Slug Bug/Punch Buggy Red! [Person 1 punches Person 2] Person 2: Ow! Why’d you do that? [Person 2  points at moving vehicle]   Examine, Specimen 1 (the car, not the model: Also known as “punch buggy*,” the game I affectionately call slug bug is far …

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Aug 23

Existential Geek Moment: luxurious living and the nasty price tag that comes with it


Curious? I sure was. Learn more about Peter the Wild Boy here. When Henry David Thoreau headed into Ralph Waldo Emersona’s forest in 1845 and settled near (but not at) the edge of Walden Pond, he wasn’t simply trying to avoid paying his taxes; he saw something eating away at “civil” society. Unfortunately, that something …

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Aug 02

#SharkWeek + Internet Love = Shark Porn

Oh, the things we find on the Internet. I’ve been continuing my Shark Week musings online by doing the most predictable thing possible. Obviously, that would be Googling “crazy shark attack” and then watching all the videos that show up. Tweet

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Jul 26

Shark Week nom noms

The mythology of “cute sharks” prevail. People say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I make the case for the pathologization of loving large, deadly and wild animals as a contrast to the irrational fear of small insects.   Hang onto your limbs–Shark Week starts Sunday. The problem with having a fascination for …

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