Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 29

A Soundtrack for My Life

Life needs a soundtrack—of that, at the very least, I am certain. Now admittedly, had I my way, the world would be more akin to a musical. Whenever your emotions were high or the moment moved you, you’d burst into song. However, taking into account that some people are tone deaf, and that there may …

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Jun 28

ADHD Generation Reviews


Focus for a second… well 45 seconds at most. That’s all the time you need to read each of the following reviews before you see something shinny. Like a penny or a toolbox. Always spoiler free. Attack the block You had me at from the makers of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Scott Pilgrim”. Pretty …

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Jun 27

What are you wearing? What, what, what are you wearing?


There are very few things that I’d call myself an expert on. Okay, scratch that, I really don’t think there’s anything I’m an ‘expert’ on, but we’ll pretend that statement is some modern spin on Socrates’ idea about “I know nothing, therefore I know everything.” However, when it comes to fashion I’d like to think …

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Jun 26

Ship’s Log

Another week has gone by.  Karma recieved a bunch ‘o packages from Tee-Fury to appease th’ wardrobe gods.  She donned one ‘o her new shirts ‘n went out fer spiced rum, comin’ back that evenin’ seemin’ly disappointed.  Tuesday, th’ compound ‘n company went out to dinner, exposin’ th’ outside seven seas to some ‘o our …

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Jun 25

[Redacted] Project – Freakin’ Lasers

Single Cell Laser

If I were creating the world I wouldn’t mess about with butterflies and daffodils. I would have started with lasers, eight o’clock, Day One! Yup,that’s it. A single little cell. A single human embryonic kidney cell, engineered together with green flourescent protein originally found in jellyfish. But when researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachussets …

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Jun 25

Game Over

Dear Social Media Gaming, I’ve been debating long and hard for a week on how I should tell you this. So lets do this. There really is no easy way to do it, apart from just coming out and saying it. You know what comes next don’t you? We’re done. I know we’ve had some …

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Jun 24

We Talk the Talk. Can We Walk the Slutwalk?


  When first I heard of the Seattle Slutwalk, my immediate reaction was, “I am there.” When I found out there was actually a good purpose for the march and not just an excuse to wear criminally short skirts in public I liked it even more. For those unaware, a Slutwalk is a protest against …

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