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Aug 31

Bigger doesn’t mean better: PAX Indie Games

Charlie Murder 2

Nearly 70,000 people got together in the Washington State Convention Center last weekend for the fan centered event that is PAX Prime 2011. As a gamer, you know that for me PAX is a special celebrational yearly event very much akin to Christmas. I’m not only saying that because I get to swag hunt like a hungry …

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Aug 31

Cute, but deadly: Slug Bug.

This is how the game usually goes:   Person 1: Slug Bug/Punch Buggy Red! [Person 1 punches Person 2] Person 2: Ow! Why’d you do that? [Person 2  points at moving vehicle]   Examine, Specimen 1 (the car, not the model: Also known as “punch buggy*,” the game I affectionately call slug bug is far …

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Aug 29

Extra Lifestyle – Delay

FireFall Sculpture Outside the 4th Floor Expo Hall

FireFall Sculpture Outside the 4th Floor Expo Hall So there’s going to be a delay in ‘Extra Lifestyle’. See, GVL spent the weekend at PAX Prime this weekend. There was lots of interviews and picture taking and sitting/standing/dancing in lines. Gaming conventions for me are more social events than anything–for meeting new friends and renuniting …

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Aug 24

Because bacon doesn’t grow on trees

That's right. Governor.

The road to gainful employment is a treacherous and convoluted one. So many rules and proper etiquettes to abide by. Where to find jobs? What should I put in my resume? What should I wear? What should I answer this or that question? So many questions with few definite answers. And trying to get a job in the tech/gaming industry …

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Aug 23

Existential Geek Moment: luxurious living and the nasty price tag that comes with it


Curious? I sure was. Learn more about Peter the Wild Boy here. When Henry David Thoreau headed into Ralph Waldo Emersona’s forest in 1845 and settled near (but not at) the edge of Walden Pond, he wasn’t simply trying to avoid paying his taxes; he saw something eating away at “civil” society. Unfortunately, that something …

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Aug 22

Wigs 101 – Choosing a Good Wig


If you know me (or if you’ve seen any photos of me over the years), you’ll know that I’m very fickle when it comes to hair color. It’s one of my favorite features because you can do so much with it. By changing color or cut, you can look/feel like a completely different person… however …

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Aug 20

[Redacted] Project – Sparklers

A couple years ago, at the secret GVL Bunker

Through the darkness of future past the magician longs to see… While my collegue, Dre, was setting his lemons on fire, I was pondering somethingmildly flashier, and with a larger dose of potential self-harm. DISCLAIMER: This is dangerous.  Whatever you chose to do is on you.  We won’t be held responsible.  The possibility of setting fire …

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