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Sep 28

I can haz best video of 2011?

I really love cats and therefore “Can’t Hug Every Cat,” but I can’t stop giggling hysterically over this video. Neither can the other 6 million or so viewers. Enjoy! Go Michel and Sven! Tweet

Sep 28

Quickscope Movie Review: 50/50

A few weeks ago, I got a pass for two to go see 50/50 starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With my life co-oper being out of town for business, I dragged Lawjick out of the basement to come see a free movie with me. And honestly things couldn’t have worked out better. The movie …

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Sep 27

Naked Asian explores: The gamer’s #firstworldproblem

  Contrary to popular belief, the Internet is not just for porn. Behold, the latest of my discoveries. I was browsing through the awesome Colony of Gamers when I encountered the most amazing first-world problems thread. Even better? I didn’t have to see any dong. If only I could say the same about Uno… My …

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Sep 26

Five Fashion Facts Video Games and Comics Don’t Want You To Know

Got just a wee bit sick of seeing character costume and design never figure in logic. I’ve got some news for  you, character designers, we ladies may love our fashion, but we figure in the practicality of things too–especially if we’re supposed to be fighting crime, raiding tombs or tormenting a hero all day.  So …

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Sep 24

[Redacted] Project – FTL

Not “For The Lose…” Earlier this week, I had all these weird flashbacks from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…specifically the side characters, the Neutrinos. Why? Because they’re awesome. Well, not the characters so much, but the subatomic particles. First off, neutrinos are weird.  They’re like electrons, but do not carry an electric charge and thusly aren’t …

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Sep 21

Gorilla Challenge Accepted and Completed

Although it happened only a a little a week ago, right now it feels like it was last month. Half of the GVL crew (Lawjick, Peanut and I), some friends, a lab partner, and life co-oper finally took part in the rescheduled Gorilla Challenge. (more info here). The experience was mostly positive all around for …

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Sep 19

Blake Northcott VS Reality


Blake Northcott made her way through her teens the way most of us do; awkward, out of place, just wanting to fit in. At fourteen and 5’9”, she was convinced she was the ugly duckling. Not an unusual story, but certainly one a lot of us can relate to. Unable to find much happiness or …

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