Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 26

All for One and One for all! (Unless you’re Player 2)

Here’s my problem (or rather my Life Co-oper’s) with this game and many other co-op games in general: Player 2 gets no acheivements. Granted she isn’t as bad an acheivement whore as I am, but it still feels nice to get rewarded for playing the game. For most games it seems to be a problem …

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Oct 24

Where’s Extra-Lifestyle Today?

Karma explains why Extra-Lifestyle will be appearing later in the week. Tweet

Oct 20

The Way to Your Honey’s Heart: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

  Everyone loves a partner that can cook. At least I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t. And why wouldn’t you? Not only does it result in delicious food, but it’s totally hot to watch someone you love cook for you. (Particularly if that someone is wearing a short skirt and garters, and has to …

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Oct 18

Ten Things To Know When Starring In A Teen Vampire Romance

Oh don’t look at me like that, dear readers. Everyone has to do something like this at some point and I felt like my time had come. …Well, okay, not really but let me explain… I spent my weekend at SteamCon (I’ve been a little con-crazy this year, haven’t I?) and had the pleasure of …

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Oct 14

Et Tu DiGiornos?

Four pieces of pepperoni

So I like DiGiornos. They make some pretty good frozen pizzas, and I have to give them credit for being one of the innovators in the frozen pizza space. But this madness needs to stop. I was unpacking one of their personal sized frozen pies for my consumption the other night, when I was dismayed …

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Oct 13

Today on a Very Special Peanut Gallery…

Tuesday was National Coming Out Day. Now, I’m pretty darn out. I’m openly kinky and poly to pretty much everyone I know, and usually strangers if I can fit it into a conversation. I believe in having no shame about one’s sexuality. But there is one major part of my sexuality that many people don’t …

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Oct 12


In the process of becoming an adult, sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that stuff that happens at work needs to stay at work. Even the normal things like talking about my day can’t really leave the confines of my office. It’s not really a question of corporate secrets, it’s just …

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