Aug 20

[Redacted] Project – Sparklers

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Through the darkness of future past the magician longs to see…

While my collegue, Dre, was setting his lemons on fire, I was pondering somethingmildly flashier, and with a larger dose of potential self-harm.

DISCLAIMER: This is dangerous.  Whatever you chose to do is on you.  We won’t be held responsible.  The possibility of setting fire to yourself, others, and property is real.

With that out of the way…

This is @Pinksage and I.

I like firespinning. I’m decent at it.  I can make some pretty stuff.  But when I first started, I used LED poi…plastic balls with lights in them.  They’re relatively soft, and can be used indoors.  You can also do some spiffy stuff with them.

But, eventually you get bored and want to try something new.  And, as with most things in the Compound, fire seemed like the first logical choice.

An old college friend of my lab partner’s showed me how she did it.  So she brings over her monkey fists. Basically, they’re Kevlar rope knotted in such a way that when you hit yourself in the junk, it really hurts.  Somehow, I’ve avoided this for the most part, but have hit myself in the face with them and broke my nose.

Dip these in a mixture of one part white gas (easily lights the poi), and 3 parts lamp

A couple years ago, at the secret GVL Bunker

oil (keeps the poi lit), ignite, and twirl around.  You can pretty much just spin them in circles, or whatever, and it’ll look cool.

Ok, so this got…boring isn’t the right word, but I wanted to try something more.  I searched the memory banks and recalled setting steel wool on fire back in chemistry class, and thought to myself “Hey, I can use this.”  A trip to Home Depot later, and I come back with some fairly course steel wool and some wire mesh.

I chose course wool, thinking that it would saturate better within the fuel, and I chose quarter inch wire mesh to try to make sure that the wool didn’t just go flying off into the darkness, or worse, up in the air to land on one of the compound mates.

I wired the mesh into cylinders, attached a bit of wire so I could link the chains to them, and packed the wool in fairly tightly, pinching the ends off to seal everything together.

Results were mixed.  It was hard as hell to get these things lit.  I mean…seriously…DID NOT WANT TO LIGHT.  And they didn’t last very long. But, damn…they looked cool.

In conclusion: practicle excersizes in chemistry are fun.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the lab.  Hey, has anyone seen the remote?


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