Jun 15

Post Stanley Cup final sports rant

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I think it’s ridiculous when sport fans, in this case NHL hockey fans, turn a hockey game into a Canada vs. USA thing. It’s one thing to do it during the Olympics where it really is country versus country but quite another to do it in professional sports. Whether it’s fans chanting “USA” or fans chanting “Canada”, you are wrong. There’s a lot more on the ice than one nation represented, NHL hockey is an international sport.

Another thing that shouldn’t happen is the booing of the national anthem. You are booing your own players. Not cool.

Here’s a fun numerical run down of who’s from where on both teams who made it to the Stanley Cup final (according to the current roster listing):

Vancouver Canucks:

  • 16 Canadians
  • 6 Americans
  • 5 Swedes
  • 1 German, Norwegian, Finn and Russian

Boston Bruins:

  • 22 Canadians
  • 4 Americans
  • 2 Russians
  • 2 Czech
  • 1 German, Slovakian and Finn

TL;DR: NHL hockey is an international sports in which nationalism has no place.

Congratulations to Boston for winning their first Stanley cup since 1972 and shame on you Vancouver rioters for your post game actions.



  1. Kikilicity

    I am shocked you were able to say congratulations to Boston. Good job at being the bigger person. :-D

    1. @Psyfallen

      Wait, are you calling me fat?

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