Jun 18

[Redacted] Concept – Squidgy Stuff

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Orange Stuff Go Up The HoleIt’s like alchemy, but you know, real…

Hello world.

Wait…no, that’s not right.

You’ll never escape my legion of cybernetic Miley Cyruses!


Ok, so I played Portal 2.  Loved it.  And it gave me ideas.  Probably dangerous, but whatever.  In it, there are these goops that flow out in order to make you go faster, or to make you bounce really high.  As I played, my mind was working out exactly how they could work.  More of a mental exercise, but I enjoy that stuff.

What it came down to is this…they’re the same stuff.  All you’re doing is creating an elastic force that gives out more than you put in, so that when a kinetic force is applied to it, you get out more than that which was applied.

According to the laws of thermodynamics (coupled with general relativity), however, the universe doesn’t allow energy from nothing.  It must come from somewhere.  Matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted.  So whatever energy you have has to already be within what you’re working with.

So there’s this theoretical substance, called programmable matter.  It allows you to synthesize atomic structures to give properties  that do not exist in nature, such as adjusting where light emits and is absorbed to create an invisibility cloak, turn lead (like substances) into gold (like substances), build a time- travelling-shape-shifting robot assassin to kill Sara Conner, or in this particular instance, a substance that uses energy contained within the substance to propel the object further than the conversion from kinetic to elastic back to kinetic would normally allow.

More modest uses for this can be found in DARPA’s work, in conjuction with Intel, in the field of industrial design modelling.

This can be done a couple of ways, either through manipulation of particles (like electrons and photons, which makes LCD monitors a very rudimentary example) or by using nano-machines. This technology, is mostly theoretical but highly plausible.

If you would like to toy around with this concept yourself, see the following links:

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my lab.  Send ribs. And liver.  Oh, and jellyfish.


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