Sep 21

Gorilla Challenge Accepted and Completed

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Although it happened only a a little a week ago, right now it feels like it was last month. Half of the GVL crew (Lawjick, Peanut and I), some friends, a lab partner, and life co-oper finally took part in the rescheduled Gorilla Challenge. (more info here).

"Lean to the left."-Peanut

The experience was mostly positive all around for us. There were a few hiccups here and there with the way the race was organized according to a few other teams we talked to. The way the race worked, you got a list with 6 clues, which then lead you to your final six clues so you can complete the race. Some teams didn’t get the next clues, claiming that the race staffers were not present to deliver their clue, and ended up wandering around downtown wondering what the missed. Fortunately, we did not have that problem finding the clues.

Did we win? Not the race, no. Not even close.

We did manage to get a +5 to karma by helping a man who passed out for a few seconds in the middle of an intersection. We do not know exactly what was wrong with him, but he was walking around with a loose bandage on the back of his head. he only spoke Spanish so we hung around with him and gave him water and tried to comfort him as we waited for the paramedics to arrive. We stuck around a bit longer to help translate between the injured man and the paramedics in case they had more questions for him. After that we re-joined the race with a less time to complete all the tasks at hand so we only got around to do 5 of the 12 clues we needed to solve to win. But then again, we win at life (Especially versus those teams who ran by us and couldn’t stop because this was a race.)

After the race we were asked to talk to “King Kong,” the Gorilla Challenge race representative. He told us that for our good deeds, he would send us something in the mail for our good deed. Good karma pays off.

(In the context of the previosu article, karma is the Indian religious concept, and not the Karma the writes for GVL. We couldn’t handle a +5 Karma) 

Bonus Level:

I called the hospital a few days later to find out if the guy was OK. He had already been released back into the city. Good luck A.G., que Dios le bendiga igualmente.

World 2-1:

So here’s a fun story from work:


(In this context, [REDACTED] has nothing to do with Lawjick’s posts.)

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