Oct 12


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In the process of becoming an adult, sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that stuff that happens at work needs to stay at work. Even the normal things like talking about my day can’t really leave the confines of my office. It’s not really a question of corporate secrets, it’s just “Real World Inappropriate.” Stuff that also is inapropriate to post on here as well. At most I have an 11 year old nephew and luckily none of the GVL extended family have any kids yet. But eventually, that too will change. As we grow-up, pair-up and wed-up, the probability or self replication is imminent. That means kids. Small us’ to mold, teach and rear in the hopes that they don’t become serial killers, jocks, haters or worse, internet trolls.

So where am I going with this? No, my life co-oper isn’t with child. But recent changes in the GVL Compound demographics have occured. Lawjick and his lab partner (who also are not expecting child… yet) will be taking of two children as needed. I understand that this is not necessarily a life changing situation per say, but it does mean changes are necessary.

First we needed to clean up the place: make sure that knives were not is accessible places, move the booze to a locked cabinet in the Lawjick’s lab, install a double sided lock to Peanut’s mysterious dungeon like room, you know, that kind of stuff.

In the living room, we took apart the precarious shelving unit with all the DVDs and games and replaced it with a “credenza.” That’s fancy talk for a new entertainemewnt center. So the mythical tower of geekdom is gone.  The games and DVDs now in kid friendly binders. The only problem is, the content is not quite all kid friendly.

So follow the cut for a few kid friendly game ideas:

  • Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster (360) The people at Double Fine, makers of Psychonaughts, Brutal Legend and Costume Quest partenered up with Sesame Street? Sign me up! I mean the kids… yeah.
  • Eye Pet (PS3) You get to watch, interact and frolick with virtual animals! I love frolicking! I mean the kids do. Yeah.
  • Epic Mickey (Wii) Warren Spector is awesome! And I totally didn’t buy this game for me, it was for the kids!
  • Kinectimals: Now with Bears! (360) I mean the cats were cute and adorable. You could pet them, play with them and give them little baths! Now bears! Ugh.. I mean that’s what my life co-oper said. Yeah.
  • Disney Universe (Wii, PS3, 360) Loads of action to keep the attention of any ADHD child, slapstick humor and a multiplayer setting. And you know, Disney movies universe game FTW! I mean, the kids win… yeah.

That should keep the tykes occupied for awhile.  After all, we do want them to grow up to be just like us, or do we?


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  1. Kittychix

    I do politely “remind” that Mr. Kittychix has technically had a child longer than you’ve known him or myself…we just never treat him like one. (Which may or may not be unfair to said spawn…)

    Also – you need to mark which of the comment feeds are “required” so I don’t have to hit back to fix it :P

    1. @Psyfallen

      You are absolutely right. I think the fact that in my knowing him, we haven’t ever treated him as a child, but rather we use the same tone we would use towards other adults. I just feel like we don’t have to handle him with “kid gloves.”

      Sorry/congratulations Tyler

    2. @Psyfallen

      Heh, Mr Kittychix.

  2. @Psyfallen

    omg, i think this new layout wont rainbow the crap out of me !

    1. 4thirty5

      Shame. It was entertaining to see you -fabulous- all the time.

      1. @Psyfallen

        I’m cured! Don’t let the pox return to me.

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