Oct 26

All for One and One for all! (Unless you’re Player 2)

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Our wedding cake topper as created by Peanut.

Here’s my problem (or rather my Life Co-oper’s) with this game and many other co-op games in general: Player 2 gets no acheivements. Granted she isn’t as bad an acheivement whore as I am, but it still feels nice to get rewarded for playing the game.

For most games it seems to be a problem of only player one having a save file, the Dynasty Warrior series is a great example of that. It doesn’t matter how many Yellow Turbans you kill, Player one gets all the glory. Why is that? It almost removes the will of player 2 to play the games because he/she gets nothing out of it acheivement wise.

The Lego games supposrt 2 player acheivements despite having only one save file, but it will not remember the second player unless the whole acheivement is accomplished in on e single playthrough. For example, the Hero acheivement in Lego Batman which you get (25G) for completing the first episode. Player two cannot get the acheivement unless they are in the game from when the missions start until they are completed. Your controller gets disconnected for a secong? You’re shit out of luck. Other acheivements such as Kill-A-Moth (20G) are more forgiving because all you have to do is be there when it happens.

Games like Boderlands are fantastic for both players because it makes everything better. Both players have their own save files, so if you wantr to play on your own for a while, that’s ok. She might miss some GS, but it’s not like she will never get anything else during game play ever again.

Game companies should allow player 2 to get acheivemetns too, after all, most of the time, they are carrying half the load, and getting (sometimes) half the kills.

On a side note, a great source for finding good co-op games to play with your favorite Co-Oper is C0-Optimus.com. The site is a great reference tool for anyone who wants to find out what are the good games out there that will alllow you to play with along with your best buddy/wife/hubby/housemate or whatever else your into.It has been an invaluable tool for me and the Life C0-oper since the day I plugged my Flash drive into her USB port. Oh yeah.

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  1. Karma

    But what if I don’t WANT to share the glory of being the hero/conqueror of China?

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