Jun 20

Another Day, Another T-Shirt

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TLDR: TeeFury.com is a fantastically awesome place to get a t-shirt.

I'm incapable of the one-eyebrow raise


Whether you’re the person who carefully coordinates and lays out your clothing the night before or just grab whatever’s clean in a groggy morning stupor, there is one staple item that needs to be dependable: The t-shirt. It’s that item you can easily throw on with a pair of jeans and not have to think twice about. It’s comfortable, it’s reliable—it’s safe.

However, just because wearing a t-shirt doesn’t take a lot of work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put work into picking it out. But usually we don’t. “It’s just a t-shirt”, you say as you pull it off the rack. You don’t feel the need to examine the cut or rub the fabric against your skin, hell, half the time you don’t even try it on because you know your size and that’s relatively universal in t-shirt world.

But when you find that t-shirt, it’s magic. You unthinkingly pull it over your head and the cotton might as well be silk, it pulls down far enough that you can raise your arms without exposing your stomach and it fits around you as if it’d been tailored to you specifically.

So in an effort to help you fill your closet with t-shirts that fit that description, let me introduce you to TeeFury.com.

Here’s the breakdown: Only one t-shirt every 24hrs for only $10. Once they sell out, or those 24hrs are up, that shirt is gone forever and it’s on to the next design. Today’s feature, “Watcher Field Agent.”


Fantastically geek-centric, TeeFury not only showcases the design but the artist, which in my opinion, gives it a little bit of a leg up on some of its competitors.  The only downside would be not only do these awesome designs only last at maximum 24 hours, but they have a gallery up showcasing past designs that you missed and will not be able to get your hands on… unless you want to stalk the artist to find if they’ve submitted it elsewhere after it’s done at TeeFury.

Adventure Wars by thestray, TeeFury April 12th

Apart from the geek-vibe that we can all appreciate, these shirts are 100% cotton, so they’re soft, but may require a little thought in the washing process, though I promise it’s nothing too arduous (See website for details). They also make their shirts a little on the longer side, so even after that little bit of inevitable shrinking that all our clothing goes through, you don’t have to worry about them getting too short.

Bonus for the ladies: The cut for female t-shirts is very flattering to our form and understands the concept of women having a more hour-glass shape than our male counterparts. So these shirts will hug your curves, not hide them like a gunnysack.



All in all, I love this site and I make it a habit to check it daily to see if it holds the next addition to my wardrobe.



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  1. kriscrat

    I’m in favor of a “we like these links” place to keep things like this closer to the main page as they get older

    1. Lawjick

      I’m afraid of doing this. There is a finite amount of space on the front page, and everything is ordered chronologically. I’ll look into creating “Most liked” or “Most talked about” side bar navigation showing things that are getting the most play, so users can refer directly to them.

  2. Megan

    Holy crap you look just like my friend Sophia.

    1. Karma

      Shh! You’ll ruin our conspiracy to take over the world with clones!

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