Jun 07

2 > 16 (in instances of co-op gaming)

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It’s not you, it’s me. Don’t take it personally because I’m really not trying to be a dick here. I just personally can’t stand to play games with you. If the occasion presents itself, I’ll play with some of my friends a quick game of Borderlands or Portal 2 online, but really that’s about it .

Nothing bores me more than playing Halo or COD with 15 douchebags I don’t know, who seemingly play the game all the time. You know the type right? The wankers who only three seconds after the game starts are already spawn camping the crap out of you with sniper rifles and grenade launchers. Granted, some people are naturally talented in FPS, but then you have the compulsive type of players that own one or two games and plays the crap out of them.

Those are the people I hate.

That’s why we need more co-op games like Portal 2. Lawjick and I are (still) in the process of completing the co-op campaign. The beauty of a game like Portal 2 is that it really is up to the both of you to put your heads together and solve the puzzles. It’s a healthy dose of teamwork where both contribute (somewhat) equally. Does it help that the game is visually sharp, funny and one of the best rounded games out there right now? Yes, but being able to say that you and your bro (or sis, as the case may be) beat it together is where it’s really at.

The only douchebag involved is your friend when he decides to remove the bridge from under you. But that’s all in jest. Most of the time.

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