Jun 25

Game Over

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Dear Social Media Gaming,

I’ve been debating long and hard for a week on how I should tell you this. So lets do this. There really is no easy way to do it, apart from just coming out and saying it. You know what comes next don’t you? We’re done.

I know we’ve had some good times in the past, those two weeks in New York killing mob henchmen. Or that time we grew a small planet together, that was nice.  But it was always the same thing wasn’t it: you wanted to meet more of my friends and you wanted more of my money.

I had so much love to give you, but every time things starting getting fun & exciting, you’d tell me to stop for 2 hours so you could replenish your energy. By then well…

Then there were your needs. Oh your ever loving needs. If I just so happened to be out with my friends and couldn’t make it back in time to tend to your needs, you’d wither away hours of work. I had to try and adjust my social life’s schedule to be able to tend to you. You and your precious demands. “I want more wheat! I want more ore! Wash my socks!” ENOUGH!

You promised me rings, and amulets that held so much power that I could then use WITH OTHER FANCIER GAMES! And what were they? Unless trinkets! You were like: “Hey look you now have +1 to poison resistance!” Well I’ll have you know that i got a better ring three days ago off some dead guy in a mine. And you know what? He was more satisfying to play with than you!

I can’t do this anymore, I just can’t.

We’re done. It doesn’t matter anymore how enticing you make yourself out to be. Did you think I wouldn’t notice when you said you’ve changed? Let’s go to city instead of the farm you said. It’ll be fun. A change of scenery. What happened next? More fetching and building stuff.

There’s an old expression that says: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” We’ll there’s another one that says “You get what you pay for for.”

In your case that’s not much at all.

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