Jun 26

Ship’s Log

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Another week has gone by.  Karma recieved a bunch ‘o packages from Tee-Fury to appease th’ wardrobe gods.  She donned one ‘o her new shirts ‘n went out fer spiced rum, comin’ back that evenin’ seemin’ly disappointed.  Tuesday, th’ compound ‘n company went out to dinner, exposin’ th’ outside seven seas to some ‘o our shenannigans, lead by Psyfallen. Thursday nightfall, Lawjick, Dre, ‘n Psyfallen took a lucky member ‘o our community out to a movie, meanwhile, Vivacions was watching movies of her own. Peanut went to our local Slutwalk, ‘n came back appalled. Saturday mornin’, it sounded like Psyfallen was breakin’ up wit’ his girlfriend, but he was shoutin’ to his facebook page.  I hate when people use social media to beak up wit’ someone. ‘n Lawjick tried to burn the lower decks wit’ leftovers.

Yup, just another week in th’ Compound.

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