Jun 28

ADHD Generation Reviews

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Focus for a second… well 45 seconds at most. That’s all the time you need to read each of the following reviews before you see something shinny. Like a penny or a toolbox. Always spoiler free.

Attack the block

You had me at from the makers of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Scott Pilgrim”. Pretty good, bloody and the creature are pretty cool once you get past the glow in the dark teeth. British street lingo learning curve is steep.

Transformers 3: TLDR

Things go boom, but not as much as the last one which sucked. The robots felt more alive and the humans felt relevant. The movie wasn’t as much of a 2 and half hour car commercial. Hard to believe but this might be my favorite of the three, possibly because there was no Megan Fox.

Super 8

Great story, written by people who seem to actually care about movies. It was like The Goonies meet E.T. and Killer Clowns form Outer Space. Perfect summer movie and makes me wish there were still Drive-In cinemas around to see it again, just like when I was a kid.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a lesser character in the DCU when compared to Superman and Batman. His history is so convoluted that trying to make this into an “origins” felt wrong and riddled with holes. They say that you can’t make a comic book movie to please all fans of the comic. Please explain how The Dark Knight and Scott Pilgrim got it right then? Pass.

The Art of Getting By

Teenage flick that tries to be a new John Hughes movie. You’re way off the mark. The characters feel like caricatures of real teenagers. It’s a formula movie where all the math is done on an abacus by someone who doesn’t know what an abacus is. Can’t someone with talent make this generations Catcher in the Rye already? Because this clearly is not it.

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