Jun 14

How to win at free movies

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The question I get asked the most often is “Psyfallen, why are you such an ass?” I blame my grade “A” superior genes and that fact that the rest of the world is filled with an unbelievable amount of idiots and douchebags.

Second most frequent question asked is: “How do you get all those free movie passes?” In an effort to make you less of an idiot, I shall educate you in the secret ways of attending free movie screenings. See? I’m helping you be less useless. I might be an ass, but I’m an ass that cares.

First up, Google to see what city you live in. Is it an desirable American city with an average population of over 1 million? Good we may proceed. If not, I suggest moving to a better city. Good cities with a good chance of ample screeners include: Seattle, L.A., NYC, Portland, Las Vegas, Washington DC and Atlanta.

Websites like Gofobo.com are a gold mine for free passes. All you need to do is enter a valid code, and voila, movie pass. All you need then is the code right?

For codes, check out the websites for small local papers. You know the kind, the free ones the have in every coffee shop and bus stops downtown. Here in Seattle, that would be either be The Stranger or the Seattle Weekly. Check out both the print and the websites for those papers. Almost every week, there will be a code or two in those publications. Another good place to find codes, is on the websites of local radio or television stations.

Your true friend is Google, Bing or whateveryoucallit search engine. Localize your search, and get into a habit of checking the sites frequently. Codes pop-up all the time, you just have to be lucky and find it before they’re all taken.

Join a screener group. People like to share codes when they find then in the hopes that youwill share the codes with them when you find them first. It’s a great way to meet people with common interests (ie: free stuff) that are smart enough to work the system.

Register your account with Gofobo.com, enter the code and your on your way. The trick is to get the code in early and quickly.

There I have imparted you with a wealth of information. Go forth and reap the rewards, now leave me alone, I got gaming to do.

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