Jun 29

A Soundtrack for My Life

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Life needs a soundtrack—of that, at the very least, I am certain.

The Buffy Musical: Once More With Feeling

Now admittedly, had I my way, the world would be more akin to a musical. Whenever your emotions were high or the moment moved you, you’d burst into song. However, taking into account that some people are tone deaf, and that there may be a risk of spontaneous combustion after one too many tap numbers (Thank you, Buffy for THAT new paranoia), I have decided that personal soundtracks would be a decent compromise.

Now some of you might say, “Personal soundtracks? But Karma, if you’re the only one that can hear it, why not just listen to your mp3 player wherever you may go?” Well, here’s the issue. While the illusion that your life has a soundtrack is attainable through mp3 players, there are snags that stop it from being a suitable substitute for the real thing.

Headphones by handshakeme on DeviantArt

The first is headphones, which have a whole set of issues all their own. Whether you prefer something heavy-duty, or something more concealable like ear-buds, you can feel them. My ears are tiny so ear buds never fit comfortably and fall out easily, but even if you don’t have my issues, you’ve got a cord that can get tangled or snag on something or some chunky piece of equipment that can fall off with a quick head turn and thus break the illusion.

Another issue is that headphones make it almost impossible to hear anything else BUT the music. That’s not how it should be when it comes to the soundtrack of your life. Music should fill the air but as an accompaniment to your life and surroundings, not as the major player.

If my life had a soundtrack, there would be an automatic music fade-down when I’m about to have a conversation with someone rather than me hurriedly fumbling with my iPod controls as someone tries to tell me something because they aren’t aware that the crooning tones of Frank Sinatra have completely drowned them out.

The problem with the Mp3 player itself is both that it is predictable and unreliably random.

It’s predictable because you know all of the songs on it. Or at least you should, assuming you’re the one that put them there—unless you stole someone’s iPod. I guess then it would be a surprise… but it would also be illegal so… don’t. Point being, you can’t predict life, so the fact that you would have every song for the soundtrack of your life picked out (for every day/every instance) is a little silly.

What if, perchance, the world actually ends like they keep telling us, but because you, like most of the world, thought it was all BS, you didn’t put REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” on your playlist? We can’t be prepared for everything on our own. Also, what about battery-life, or space confinements? Sure my iPod can withstand an excruciatingly long car trip and never need recharging or repeat a song, but we’re talking a lifetime here.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It’s unreliably random however because life isn’t predictable. So if you’re trying to replicate a soundtrack for your life and you think today is going dandy—what happens when you suddenly run into your significant other making out with your best friend? Or see a guy get hit by a car? Here something horrible or traumatic has just interrupted your awesome day and while you’re standing there in shock, Hoku is still going on about what a fucking Perfect damn day it is.

While I’m a fan of irony, after a while, instances like that are inappropriate. Also, think about how many times you put your music on ‘random’ and end up skipping through half of the songs that pop up because you’re not in the mood to listen to them. That’s not how a life soundtrack should go. Everything should fit perfectly into place, whether the instance is heart-wrenching or glorious.

Below is a meme (Aw, remember these?) of how you think your soundtrack would go if your life was a movie. Feel free to add/subject categories as you please and post yours in the comments!

Opening Credits:
Waking Up:
You and Your Best Friend:
Life’s Okay:
Falling In Love:
Breaking Up:
Death of a Loved One/Tragic Event:
Mental Breakdown:
Getting Back Together:
Wedding Scene:
Car Accident:
Final Conflict:
Death Scene:
Funeral Song:
End Credits:
Deleted Scenes:

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