Jul 27

Analog Gaming with a Digital Touch

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Every once and awhile here at the GVL compound we set up a game of D&D. It’s kind of fun getting together and continuing our adventure, wherever our DM Lawjick decides to take us. He has a plan apparently, we’re just there for the ride to see where it takes us.

One of the best innovations he has added to the game was the addition of jelly beans, M&Ms or other candy to represent the monsters we face. Once we defeat them in combat, we get to eat them. Double the satisfaction.

The problem that we have, and I’m sure that many groups are the same, is that finding a time where everyone in the group is free time to play is rather difficult. Between social commitments, relationships or sex club meetings, we all individually have busy lives This is one of those occasions where the life wins over geek (as in Geek vs. Life, total meta!)

When we do play, we play fierce: Dre is a Elf Ranger, Karma is a Genasi Hybrid, Lawjick as I said is the DM, our other players include GVL family friends @kittychix, our Dragonborn Warlord, in the role of the Eladrin Wizard we have @thevowel, @Justmisstique is our Tiefling Sorceress and my character is the male in a woman’s body Corrina the Halfling Rogue (Let it be known that @Vivacions and PeanutBee are apparently too cool to play with us.)

Past the cut, find a few player tools to make your game more epic and manageable.

Tip #1

Build Better Characters

To make sure all our characters are legal and to spec, all of the players in our group use the Character Builder from the official D&D website: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/. It works well for novice to seasoned players because all the information you need is there for you. With updates happening every month or so, you always have the latest info for your character building needs. You must pay a monthly fee to become a D&D Insider member which cost a little over $70 per year. Also included in the Insider Toolbox is a monster compendium, access to Dragon Magazine for the player and Dungeon Magazine for the DM. Pretty useful.

Tip #2

Allow the Tale to be Told

Select a member from your group or you can also take turns and do a write up after each session. it is preferable to have someone with good creative writing skills in charge of penning down the info after each session. Not only is it a useful tool to help set the mood with good character play, it also serves as a refresher when you have *ahem* nearly a year between sessions. We use http://www.epicwords.com/ for our campaign management. It’s accessible online from anywhere all you need is a free account. Bonus, you can impo

Tip #3

Get Rid of your Character Sheets

Even the most diligent of players can sometimes forget his character sheet or even his dice. For a few sessions most of us have started using iplay4e.appspot.com. The website is rather useful as it allows us to import our character data from the D&D Character Builder and then we can import it that file into Epic Words. How fricking convenient is that?

Special Note: Both iplay4e and Epic Words work from my iPad, but the Character Builder does not because it requires Silverlight.


  1. Andrew Reutter

    Thanks for the mention of iPlay4e!

    BTW, I use Splashtop on my iPad to remote control my Windows box (even when not on my own WLAN thanks to their internet discovery feature) with the Character Builder on it – so I actually do get to enjoy the whole end-to-end system from my iPad!

    1. @Psyfallen

      Thanks for the comment Andrew. Everyone in our group uses iPlay4e and find it rather indispensable. Keep up the good work on your fine program. I’ll make sure to check out Splashtop before our next game which is scheduled for “somewhere before the end of Summer”. Ugh.

      1. Lawjick

        I will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. We may have to do something during the week, but we also have to get the other group running as well. :/

        Too much to do, not enough time.

        And thank you so much, Andrew, for making this tool. :D

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