Jul 20

Gettin’ Hammered – Steampunk Edition

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As Karma brought up earlier this week (see the post here), the GVL crew will all be in attendance for a Chinese steampunk themed wedding. There are only four days left now before the big day, and that means that I needed to set up my own costume fast. Since you already know, after reading Karma’s post, what steampunk is, I’ll just tell you how I went about creating my own outfit for the big day.

With my new bag full of knowledge remember that brown is your friend. Since i usually dress in neutral colors like black and grey, I had to leave my console and get out of the compound to go shopping.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what do you want your character to be about. As Karma mentioned, you can go for the aviator theme, a clockwork theme and many more like the adventurer theme. I decided that I wanted to be an engineer.

Wanting to avoid making a dent in my gaming budget, I bought most of my stuff from rummage sales and goodwill. I managed to find my vest and shirt from the rummage sale, while the shoes, and pants came from goodwill.

I spent a few hours weathering a welding apron I bought off Amazon to make it look darker. I used shoe polish and cigarette ash to case the desired effect.

Lawjick got me the oh-so important accessory to all steampunk outfits: goggles. He also bought them off Amazon, took them apart, spray painted them and added cool logos to the side. They look awesome.

All that was left is to create something for me to look less like a butcher and more like an engineer. I decided to build a large steampunky hammer/maul/mallet.

It looks a little something like this:

Hammer Time

The hammer was generally easy to build, with a few hiccups here and there. We chose to go with a copper metallic paint for the hammer head because it fits so well with the steampunk style. The head is made from four left-over pieces of wood that have been glued and then nailed together.
The wooden handle is that of a sledgehammer. We used shoe polish to stain the wood, then clear coat sealant to make sure it doesn’t run if it gets wet. For the grips we used a floral decorating technique for vases that we found online here. Don’t mock it, it looks bad-ass and forms finger grooves for the fingers.
The rest is simply adding the nuts and bolts to the head to secure it to the shaft (heh.). And bam, you have yourself one bad-ass hammer of smiting.
Edit: I’ll add a picture of my full getup post wedding. If you’re lucky you’ll also get to see the rest of the GVL Staff!


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    Thanks for that. My 9 year old daughter and I sat in ‘wonderment’ and believe me for my 9 year old daughter this is a great task in itself. What an unexpected surprise. Makes me revisit the beautiful feeling given through dance.

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    Oh….how I needed to read and hear your inspiring voice at this crossroad in my life. Timing really is everything, sometimes. You weave a beautiful tapestry with your words. Or, should I say you spin a quality yarn? The bottom line is…I will be coming back for more.

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