Jul 25

A peek at Steampunk and Weddings

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So, you’ll notice… this is late.

I stumbled out of bed around 11am, muscles aching, head pounding and grateful that my ribs could expand to their full capacity. Why? Well, I spent most of my waking hours yesterday dressed like this:

Pretty dang snazzy, right?

Unfortunately wearing that corset and the boots, which you regretfully not see, for an extended period of time is absolutely freaking exhausting. Thus, being late.

But why was I dressed so fantastically, you may ask?

Well, a week ago I talked about blending Chinese and Steampunk styles for a wedding–and this was my costume for that wedding.

So in that theme, I’d like to spend today’s issue of Extra Lifestyle focusing on how this theme, or steampunk in general, can be incorporated into a wedding. And hopefully all mishaps that occur in this post will be forgiven on the account that I feel a tad like hell on ice.

The Cake:

Image copyright exoskeletoncabaret on Flickr

Now the wedding I attended used pies instead of cake, which since I’m severely lactose-intolerant and most good cakes have dairy running about in the icing, I appreciated like mad. There was also a chocolate fountain. Really good dark chocolate. No dairy. Karma was squeeful and probably had way more than she should have. Anyway, that’s not the point.

Regardless of this, I would be remiss if I did any piece on Steampunk weddings and didn’t mention this fantastic cake that you see pictured here. First, you should know that this cake is entirely edible. No, really. All of those shiny bits and cogs are actually carefully frosted edible bits–and from what I can tell a lot of fondant was used to make this a reality. Personally, I can’t really stand fondant–like marzipan it’s just a wee too much for me–but it’s gorgeous and when combined with other food elements, far more palatable. This masterpiece was made right here in Seattle by our very own Mike’s Amazing Cakes for a lovely couple by the name of Liz and Austin.

Wedding Topper by buildersstudio on Etsy

You could also do a normal cake and just put something like this on top.

These little guys are a creation of Peter (Pete) J Pochylski, or buildersstudio as he is known as on Etsy.

Believe it or not, these hand-crafted little wonders that look decently weighted, are actually crafted mostly out of wood and are light enough to pop up on top of most any wedding cake. Score.

Apart from just wanting to shamelessly promote independent artists, I do actually think if you’re interested in this style of wedding that his shop is worth a look around. Insane talent. For serious.

Moving on.

The Bride and Groom:

Dress by Clockwork Couture

Now I’d really love to show you a picture of the two whose wedding I not only helped with (clothing wise, mainly) but officiated–Did Karma forget to mention she’s a freaking Reverand of Dudeism? Ahem, not the point, again. Sorry. Tangent. Point being, I wasn’t the one with the camera–my iPhone couldn’t take great pictures in the dimmer lighting. Also, I would like to get their permission before I start posting their faces up on this blog.

But the upside is that I get to delve into my favorite links and share with you some truly fabulous fashion. The dress pictured here is none other than the work of Clockwork Couture. I would however also highly recommend checking out the Bridal Salon section of Gallery Serpentine.

As for the gents, I wish I could provide a picture, but you’ll have to check out the website as it seems I can’t pull one directly, but I’d like to recommend Lastwear Clothing Company. They’re local to Seattle and run by some really fantastic people. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lyssa during Sakura Con this past year–hard working lady who just also happens to be the designer of Lastwear’s female line of clothing. In short, Lastwear’s clothing has a fantastic quality of work and fabric. Definitely go take a look. In fact, I do believe Drage was sporting some of their clothes last night. He looked far less ragey, much more dapper.

And with that, I bid you farewell. I think I’m fighting a cold and that’s why I’m so fantastically scatterbrained and exhausted.


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  1. @Psyfallen

    You looked great! I was thrilled that so many people took the time to get outfitted for the wedding. I love the idea of themed weddings and it’s fun to play dress up, especially when so many people join in. Who’s next?

  2. @Psyfallen

    And again with the rainbows… Why?

    1. Karma

      I think the house is trolling you.

    2. Karma

      I think the house be trolling!

  3. kriscrat

    I am so pleased with how much everyone got into it. I wouldn’t suggest doing something like it without a plethora of talented friends who are willing and able to put in some time. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the entire GVL crew, plus many more. Hearts!

  4. Chrissy Ferguson (Iridescent Moment Photography)

    Greetings! I stumbled across a link of a link of a link and ended up right here. :) As an independent artist (and as the individual honored with the official wedding and reception photography of the day), I think your post is wonderful for sharing a few highlights of the independent greatness we’ve got in the greater Seattle area, so thank you! If you would like the links to the public/editorial sneak previews of 21 of the photos and/or 5 minute hd video compilation, please let me know, happy to share.
    Chrissy Ferguson/Iridescent Moment Photography

    1. Lawjick

      Thank you for the wonderful job you did on all this. The pictures turned out great. We can’t wait to see the rest. :D

    2. Ebony

      I found just what I was needed, and it was entnrtaieing!

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