Jun 13

“Who” designed your clothes?

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Ever looked at a character and thought, “Hey, I wanna dress that badass.” Every now and then I’ll be breaking down the basic elements of a character’s costume so you can emulate it in everyday life. This is not a cosplay guide. This is taking core elements of a character and applying it to your everyday fashion. This week, we’ll be focusing on none other than the Doctor.

The 10th Doctor. Why? Because he’s dreamy (and well dressed). Also, this is my article, not yours… so I can use whichever Doctor I please.

Breaking it down we have the core elements that make up the Doctor’s Daily wear. I omitted the glasses (You should only wear them when you want to look particularly clever anyway) and the coat (it’s sort of an extra– if it’s cold, add a coat, but it’s not essential to the ensemble).

Shoes: Converse, Chuck Taylors, that is. Plain and simple, hi-top Chucks to be exact (though if you want low-tops, it probably wouldn’t matter much). Won’t matter what color as you aren’t cosplaying so long as you stick to solids and avoid patterns.
Suit Jacket: Notice this has four buttons. Which may not mean anything to you, but to me this means you’re not easy to find this style of jacket in a normal store. It’s just not common anymore. Though it’s interesting to note that all of the doctor’s jackets have four buttons…

Anyway, that’s not important, the jacket just needs to follow these simple guidelines: It should be single-breasted (One row of buttons) and it should be well fitted to you–preferably a slim-fit cut. No unnecessary bulk to the fabric. If putting it on transforms you into the kid wearing his father’s jacket, you haven’t found the right one. The sleeves should not cover your hands and when you stretch your arms in front of you, you should be able to do this without exposing your entire wrist.

As for color, stick to something matte. I’d avoid the blue that the doctor is pictured  wearing above, especially if you’re wearing this with typical faded jeans. The colors are too similar. I do highly recommend using pinstripes though. Why? They’re sexy. No, really men, ask almost any woman if you don’t believe me.

Give Macy’s or Nordstrom’s a look. They’re pricey but worth it—remember a suit jacket can be worn more than say the shirt under it. You want something that’s going to look good but also last a while. On the other hand, you can also try Ross, Nordstrom Rack or even a thrift store. It’ll take some digging but you can get some really good finds. If it makes you look/feel good and you didn’t have to pay much for it, even better.
Shirt: Simple long-sleeved button-up fitted dress shirt. Tie is optional, but either way the shirt should never be fully buttoned which means you should keep the tie a little loose (just not Avril Lavigne “my tie is my necklace” loose). T-shirt may be worn under button up shirt if you skip the tie and want to leave the shirt a little more unbuttoned. Though the Doctor does tuck his shirt in, I’m not entirely convinced you have to. Especially if you plan on leaving the jacket open. Just use good judgment. If the shirt pokes out in a funny way under the jacket, you sadly probably have to tuck it in. Eyeball it and use your best judgment.

Express has some pretty good quality shirts, just stay away from any neon or ‘this looks like a popsicle’ colors.

Hair: The 10th Doctor has marvelous perpetual bed-head. Depending on the texture and type of your hair, this may be achievable in multiple ways—or you may just want to skip this step. As for product, I’ve noticed the man whose bed I’ve been prone to share uses Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider—it’s a matte styling paste that doesn’t leave hair sticky. I find that brilliant as I cannot stress enough to avoid pomade. Nothing so gross as getting that stuff on your hands when you try to just run your fingers over someone’s hair.


  1. Megan

    If I knew any guy who dressed like this regularly (especially if he was a geek, because I have a soft spot in my heart for geeks) then we would be friends. And then I would slowly work out a plan to make him understand that he was hopelessly in love with me. Men in suits…so so SO sexy.

    1. Karma

      Indeed. Especially pinstripes. Nom.

  2. Altenpflege

    Super geschrieben.Vielen Dank.

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