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Firefly Frippery – Kaylee Frye

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So you may recall back in June I did a breakdown of the Doctor’s costume so that it could be used and emulated in every day wear.

Earlier this week I participated in the GeekGirlCon Status Update Event on Facebook where essentially we talked about our favorite “Geek Girl”. Mine? Kaylee Frye. Or at least a big contender for my favorite.
An eternal optimist and a bundle of energy, even without “proper training”, Kaylee knows her way around almost any ship, can hang with the boys and still has a decent hold on her femininity. I admit, I hold Kaylee pretty near and dear to my heart. Maybe it’s because I can relate to that struggle of trying to get beyond being everyone’s kid sister, or that every present desire to feel like a princess, or even just the appreciation for something simple like good food, but whether Kaylee is enjoying a strawberry or just trying to get Simon to notice her, I can’t help but relate.

So what better way to show this appreciation than by emulating her character in your every day wear?

So we’re going to start by checking out a breakdown of Kaylee’s actual costume. I’m going to supply you with a ridiculously handy link. Reader? Meet Maggie’s Costume Site. Maggie’s Costume Site? Meet the reader. You’ll probably want to look around the Costumer’s Guide in general but for now we’ll focus on Maggie’s section.

As you’ll notice that site is full of every little nuance that makes up Kaylee’s basic costume, which makes my job really simple.


Olive Cargo Pants from Lucky Brand

Now to make this a more ‘everyday’ look, we’re going to trade in Kaylee’s coveralls for a pair of olive (preferably olive drab) cargo pants. These are pretty simple to find. While they are ample on the interwebs, I’d recommend looking for them in actual stores. Why? Well, then you have the advantage of trying them on. You want them to remain pretty baggy but while still being relatively fitted around the hips. I found a pair at Old Navy–super comfortable and it was relatively cheap. But you can usually find them in pretty much any major clothing department store. From here you’re going to take a page out of Maggie’s book by adding onto these with the bear patch, and maybe some of the Chinese Characters–be careful about making the pants too spot on because then it may start to look like cosplay. You may want to consider patches that have the same feel but aren’t the same design/idea.

Finding Kaylee’s shirt is a wee bit harder, but luckily for you, you’re not cosplaying. If you look over her shirts through out the show, they all follow a basic theme of vibrant color (usually something w/ a red hue like pinks, purples and even oranges) and flowers. You might give this site a try. Just avoid lettering, stick to prints (not graphics) and anything that fits too loosely. Kaylee still looks put together in baggy coveralls because she makes sure to wear well-fitted shirts. Honestly, I’d even recommend tie-dye so long as it’s simple–one, two colors at most.

If you’d like, you can find a cropped vest of a similar fabric to your pants and add it to give an additional nod to the coveralls–however make sure it’s short and doesn’t add too much bulk, otherwise it’ll cancel out the flattering shape of the shirt.

Now weather depending, you have two choices: boots or sandals. If you go with boots, don’t tuck your pant legs in them–it looks a little too militaristic. As for the sandals? Grab a pair of flip-flops–comfy ones–you’re going to want to make sure the thong (don’t laugh, children, that’s what it’s called) is made of cloth rather than plastic. It looks like hers have a little height to them.


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  1. Lawjick

    Note: If you plan on putting Chinese characters onto your pants, please make sure you know what they mean. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently proclaim your love of soup if you aren’t totally into soup.

    1. Torgden

      Note: I would like to proclaim my love for soup.

  2. kriscrat

    Soup is love worthy.

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