Oct 24

Where’s Extra-Lifestyle Today?

Karma explains why Extra-Lifestyle will be appearing later in the week.

Oct 20

The Way to Your Honey’s Heart: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


Everyone loves a partner that can cook. At least I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t. And why wouldn’t you? Not only does it result in delicious food, but it’s totally hot to watch someone you love cook for you. (Particularly if that someone is wearing a short skirt and garters, and has to rummage around the bottom shelf of the fridge a lot.) Not to mention that knife skills are sexy. I challenge you to find any man who would not be brought to his knees at the sight of his woman deftly butchering a chicken.

Don’t believe in the raw sexual power of cooking? The single most attention I’ve ever gotten at a sex club was when I was completely innocently making an apple crisp. Don’t ask me why I was making apple crisp in a sex club, or question the hygiene of that location; the point is, people swarmed from near and far to watch me skin apples and invite me back to their place to “use their kitchen,” ifyouknowwhatImean.

So obviously, this is some powerful mojo we’re cooking with. However not everyone is blessed with mad sexy baking skills, so here’s a super easy recipe, which is both almost impossible to mess up and really impressive to the person you’re wooing.

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Oct 18

Ten Things To Know When Starring In A Teen Vampire Romance

Oh don’t look at me like that, dear readers. Everyone has to do something like this at some point and I felt like my time had come. …Well, okay, not really but let me explain…

I spent my weekend at SteamCon (I’ve been a little con-crazy this year, haven’t I?) and had the pleasure of meeting many talented writers. Some self-published, some traditional–all amazing. And of course when you get a bunch of writers together, including their panels, other works inevitably come up–especially when the subject of traditional publishers comes up. See, Publishers, unlike most writers, see books as business. They don’t care how clever a story is or even how well written–as long as they can sell it.

Which brings me to things like Twilight. Now I will state NOW that this list is meant to be humourous… and that I have only read 2 Twilight books… So I hardly think myself an expert… but here are ten things I’ve gathered by personal observation and hearsay.
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Oct 14

Et Tu DiGiornos?

Four pieces of pepperoniSo I like DiGiornos. They make some pretty good frozen pizzas, and I have to give them credit for being one of the innovators in the frozen pizza space. But this madness needs to stop.

I was unpacking one of their personal sized frozen pies for my consumption the other night, when I was dismayed to notice that there were only 4 pieces of pepperoni on my pepperoni pizza. There are usually five. There have always been 5. WTF. So I cut them some slack…. Maybe their manufacturing processes have slipped. Maybe the machine that spits out the slices of pepperoni was having a bad day. The gods were frowning upon me that day. Whatever. I moved on. I don’t let these little mishaps ruin my day. I just sprinkled on my red pepper flakes and went about my merry way.

… but tonight. Tonight I again find myself opening up a DiGiornos personal size pepperoni pizza and what do I find? Yup. Four fucking pieces of pepperoni. Four. Really DiGiornos? Some VP at your company decided you need to save .0429 cents on production costs per pizza and your approach is to reduce the number of pepperoni from five to four. Four. Really? You’re already raping me an extra $.50 for the pepperoni over the cost of one of your cheese pizzas. Throw me a bone here. Was that gluttonous fifth piece of pepperoni really breaking the bank over there at DiGiornos HQ? What’s next?

You’ve essentially reduced the very essence of my pizza by 20%… totally messing with my cheese-to-pepperoni surface ratios! They’re fucked now, thanks. Way out of whack. On top of all the other crap I need to deal with, I now have to acclimate myself to getting 20% less pepperoni per bite when I eat your delicious little pizzas. Bravo DiGiornos, bravo. May your profit margins soar due to your pepperoni reduction cost savings.



Oct 13

Today on a Very Special Peanut Gallery…

Tuesday was National Coming Out Day. Now, I’m pretty darn out. I’m openly kinky and poly to pretty much everyone I know, and usually strangers if I can fit it into a conversation. I believe in having no shame about one’s sexuality. But there is one major part of my sexuality that many people don’t know, including my fellow GVLers.

In celebration of Coming Out Day, I’ve decided to come out of my final closet.

I’m asexual.


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Oct 12


In the process of becoming an adult, sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that stuff that happens at work needs to stay at work. Even the normal things like talking about my day can’t really leave the confines of my office. It’s not really a question of corporate secrets, it’s just “Real World Inappropriate.” Stuff that also is inapropriate to post on here as well. At most I have an 11 year old nephew and luckily none of the GVL extended family have any kids yet. But eventually, that too will change. As we grow-up, pair-up and wed-up, the probability or self replication is imminent. That means kids. Small us’ to mold, teach and rear in the hopes that they don’t become serial killers, jocks, haters or worse, internet trolls.

So where am I going with this? No, my life co-oper isn’t with child. But recent changes in the GVL Compound demographics have occured. Lawjick and his lab partner (who also are not expecting child… yet) will be taking of two children as needed. I understand that this is not necessarily a life changing situation per say, but it does mean changes are necessary.

First we needed to clean up the place: make sure that knives were not is accessible places, move the booze to a locked cabinet in the Lawjick’s lab, install a double sided lock to Peanut’s mysterious dungeon like room, you know, that kind of stuff.

In the living room, we took apart the precarious shelving unit with all the DVDs and games and replaced it with a “credenza.” That’s fancy talk for a new entertainemewnt center. So the mythical tower of geekdom is gone.  The games and DVDs now in kid friendly binders. The only problem is, the content is not quite all kid friendly.

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Oct 10

Con Hangover

Hello, lovelies. No, there is no Extra Lifestyle today. I know, I’m a terrible person. The reason being there is no Extra Lifestyle today is that this weekend I attended a convention. Well, that’s putting it lightly. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m the PR Manager for GeekGirlCon.

So what did this weekend consist of? Well other than the amazing duel pictured here, a TON OF STUFF. I was running around right and left, giving interviews, wrangling guests, getting to hang out with amazing people like Bonnie Burton, Chase Masterson, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Alan Kistler and so many more. There was tons of booze and delicious cheesey fondue that I couldn’t eat… but it smelled amazing!

All in all, I have never felt so at home at a convention… Shame it had to end. But all in all, I’m exhausted, and thus am not going to force myself to think about writing anything truly coherent. Sorry, guys.

It should be back to normal next week (though I will be attending Steamcon this weekend and helping out the fabulous Ren Cummins). Stay tuned!

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