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Oct 24

Where’s Extra-Lifestyle Today?

Karma explains why Extra-Lifestyle will be appearing later in the week. Tweet

Oct 03

Extra Lifestyle – The Chic Geek

So if any of you follow my twitter, you’ve seen me tweet over and over about GeekGirlCon. If you haven’t, you may be thinking, “What the heck is GeekGirlCon?” Well, to put it simply, GeekGirlCon is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the involvement and contribution of women in Geek Culture. They’ve held a series …

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Sep 12

Forever Banned From the Closet!


Ah, it does appear to be that time again, doesn’t it? The sad thing about these articles is I never actually plan to write them. I go out, wander through a mall with the intent to add things to my closet and then monstrosities leap out from the racks, begging me to warn everyone. Designers …

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Aug 24

Because bacon doesn’t grow on trees

That's right. Governor.

The road to gainful employment is a treacherous and convoluted one. So many rules and proper etiquettes to abide by. Where to find jobs? What should I put in my resume? What should I wear? What should I answer this or that question? So many questions with few definite answers. And trying to get a job in the tech/gaming industry …

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Aug 08

Do You Wear Your Clothes or Do They Wear You?

Photo by StepOne Photography

NOTE: Originally, I was trying to take on too much and I got overwhelmed. So hopefully I narrowed this down to the point where I was able to give it proper attention and be coherent. Pictures may require to be clicked to see full detail. TL(And trust me, it is)DR: Karma explains, by sharing her …

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Aug 01

Firefly Frippery – Kaylee Frye


So you may recall back in June I did a breakdown of the Doctor’s costume so that it could be used and emulated in every day wear. Earlier this week I participated in the GeekGirlCon Status Update Event on Facebook where essentially we talked about our favorite “Geek Girl”. Mine? Kaylee Frye. Or at least …

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Jul 25

A peek at Steampunk and Weddings


So, you’ll notice… this is late. I stumbled out of bed around 11am, muscles aching, head pounding and grateful that my ribs could expand to their full capacity. Why? Well, I spent most of my waking hours yesterday dressed like this: Pretty dang snazzy, right? Unfortunately wearing that corset and the boots, which you regretfully …

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