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Jul 11

I [blank] the 80s – A Karmic Rant

Photo by Capitol Records (Katy Perry looking kinda fucking psycho0

TLDR: Karma attempts to explain a few reasons why she is not on board with the 80s making a comeback in fasihon. You remember that VH1 show, “I Love the (insert decade, but you seemed to always turn on the channel when it was talking about the 80s)”? For the longest time, I was almost …

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Jun 27

What are you wearing? What, what, what are you wearing?


There are very few things that I’d call myself an expert on. Okay, scratch that, I really don’t think there’s anything I’m an ‘expert’ on, but we’ll pretend that statement is some modern spin on Socrates’ idea about “I know nothing, therefore I know everything.” However, when it comes to fashion I’d like to think …

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Jun 13

“Who” designed your clothes?


Ever looked at a character and thought, “Hey, I wanna dress that badass.” Every now and then I’ll be breaking down the basic elements of a character’s costume so you can emulate it in everyday life. This is not a cosplay guide. This is taking core elements of a character and applying it to your …

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