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Sep 05

Pax Prime 2011: The Bigger, Faster, Stronger Booth “Babe”


So, a few months ago, I did a piece about booth babes. To recap it was about how the idea of a booth babe could be vastly improved by gender equality, providing them with ample information about your product and costume relevancy (legitimate photo ops). This year, when I wandered into PAX, I ran into …

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Jul 04

“Booth Babe” Make-Over

TL;DR:Karma argues in favor of a new kind of “Booth Babe”. Women and Men who are not objects and who actually contribute to the marketing/selling process. The fantastic folks at Bitmob recently put out a video where host Chloe Dykstra quizzed multiple E3 “Booth Babes” about some pretty basic video game knowledge. Okay, I will …

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Jun 06

Top 5 Fabrics to Avoid When Cosplaying

Leggins by American Apparel

Chances are at some point down the line in the course of your geek-life, you’re going to encounter the need for a costume. You’re going to go to conventions, renaissance, medieval, or fantasy fairs, LARPs and Halloween parties. So it’s good to be prepared. Here are some simple tips for when choosing your costume fabric. …

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