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Sep 03

Extra Lifestyle / [Redacted] Project – Boots

Aperture Boot Exploded

Are you kidding?  The fall will probably kill ya. Far be it from me to want to encroach upon someone else’s territory, so I’ve asked Karma to look over this article*. This week, I wanted to discuss a bit of cosplay. It’s pretty obvious that I love Portal, so when I saw this costume of Chell at …

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Aug 22

Wigs 101 – Choosing a Good Wig


If you know me (or if you’ve seen any photos of me over the years), you’ll know that I’m very fickle when it comes to hair color. It’s one of my favorite features because you can do so much with it. By changing color or cut, you can look/feel like a completely different person… however …

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Jun 13

“Who” designed your clothes?


Ever looked at a character and thought, “Hey, I wanna dress that badass.” Every now and then I’ll be breaking down the basic elements of a character’s costume so you can emulate it in everyday life. This is not a cosplay guide. This is taking core elements of a character and applying it to your …

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Jun 06

Top 5 Fabrics to Avoid When Cosplaying

Leggins by American Apparel

Chances are at some point down the line in the course of your geek-life, you’re going to encounter the need for a costume. You’re going to go to conventions, renaissance, medieval, or fantasy fairs, LARPs and Halloween parties. So it’s good to be prepared. Here are some simple tips for when choosing your costume fabric. …

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