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Aug 10

Why you no finish game?

A few nights ago I finally finished playing through the main story of L.A. Noire (DLC, you’re next!). I thought the story held well together from start to finish despite the fact that it felt that there was a weird gap between the Homicide missions and the Ad Vice missions. To talk about the most …

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Jul 27

Analog Gaming with a Digital Touch

Every once and awhile here at the GVL compound we set up a game of D&D. It’s kind of fun getting together and continuing our adventure, wherever our DM Lawjick decides to take us. He has a plan apparently, we’re just there for the ride to see where it takes us. One of the best …

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Jun 21

Being that Table

It has occurred to me that when we go out to dinner as of late as a group, we are that table. You know the table I’m talking about. The loud table in the back of the restaurant with too many people sitting there. The table who says inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Screw the …

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