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Sep 26

Five Fashion Facts Video Games and Comics Don’t Want You To Know

Got just a wee bit sick of seeing character costume and design never figure in logic. I’ve got some news for  you, character designers, we ladies may love our fashion, but we figure in the practicality of things too–especially if we’re supposed to be fighting crime, raiding tombs or tormenting a hero all day.  So …

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Jun 06

Top 5 Fabrics to Avoid When Cosplaying

Leggins by American Apparel

Chances are at some point down the line in the course of your geek-life, you’re going to encounter the need for a costume. You’re going to go to conventions, renaissance, medieval, or fantasy fairs, LARPs and Halloween parties. So it’s good to be prepared. Here are some simple tips for when choosing your costume fabric. …

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