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Jul 13

Game Break: Fuuuuuuuuudge (except he didn’t say fudge)

The aforementioned Fudge Awesome and the famous Microwave Chips!

I’ve been watching a bunch of cooking shows as of late; stuff like Master Chef, The Great Food Truck Race, Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef. It’s not like I’m scoping out new┬árecipes or anything of the kind. I’m much more interested in the the drama between one contestant and the others. It’s reality TV show …

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Jun 21

Game Break: Microwaved Chips

The truth of the matter is that some games are just too immersive. You get stuck in a vortex of gaming nirvana that you just can’t break out of. I’ve been stuck in front of the GVL Compound’s TV in the game center (fancy name for the the living room) for nearly 33 straight hours …

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