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Sep 21

Gorilla Challenge Accepted and Completed

Although it happened only a a little a week ago, right now it feels like it was last month. Half of the GVL crew (Lawjick, Peanut and I), some friends, a lab partner, and life co-oper finally took part in the rescheduled Gorilla Challenge. (more info here). The experience was mostly positive all around for …

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Sep 07

Level grind for extra cash, too many games coming soon.

For this weeks Life Achievement Unlocked column, I was going to compile an exhaustive list of all the video games coming out from now till Christmas. Here’s the problem with exhaustive lists though, the list is very exhausting to make. By my count, there is approximately 100 games being released in September alone, granted that is including all of the consoles: …

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Aug 31

Bigger doesn’t mean better: PAX Indie Games

Charlie Murder 2

Nearly 70,000 people got together in the Washington State Convention Center last weekend for the fan centered event that is PAX Prime 2011. As a gamer, you know that for me PAX is a special celebrational yearly event very much akin to Christmas. I’m not only saying that because I get to swag hunt like a hungry …

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Aug 10

Why you no finish game?

A few nights ago I finally finished playing through the main story of L.A. Noire (DLC, you’re next!). I thought the story held well together from start to finish despite the fact that it felt that there was a weird gap between the Homicide missions and the Ad Vice missions. To talk about the most …

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Jul 27

Analog Gaming with a Digital Touch

Every once and awhile here at the GVL compound we set up a game of D&D. It’s kind of fun getting together and continuing our adventure, wherever our DM Lawjick decides to take us. He has a plan apparently, we’re just there for the ride to see where it takes us. One of the best …

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Jul 13

Game Break: Fuuuuuuuuudge (except he didn’t say fudge)

The aforementioned Fudge Awesome and the famous Microwave Chips!

I’ve been watching a bunch of cooking shows as of late; stuff like Master Chef, The Great Food Truck Race, Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef. It’s not like I’m scoping out new recipes or anything of the kind. I’m much more interested in the the drama between one contestant and the others. It’s reality TV show …

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Jul 05

Real Life Fruit Ninja

What happens when you get a bunch of geeks soak them in alcohol, give them a sword and fruit on Independence Day? The expected answer should be severed limbs, cops, paramedics, a visit to the hospital and possibly a lawsuit. Luckily for us, we were very careful with our 4th of July adventures. Someone mentioned …

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