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Oct 24

Where’s Extra-Lifestyle Today?

Karma explains why Extra-Lifestyle will be appearing later in the week. Tweet

Aug 16

The Art of Having a Constructive Breakdown

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Let me level with you. Being human? It sucks. No, really, it does and that’s the first thing we need to accept before we’re going to get anywhere. Why? Because too many people think that being optimistic–being happy–means ignoring all of those horrible things that drag us down. As a terminal optimist, I would like …

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Aug 01

Firefly Frippery – Kaylee Frye


So you may recall back in June I did a breakdown of the Doctor’s costume so that it could be used and emulated in every day wear. Earlier this week I participated in the GeekGirlCon Status Update Event on Facebook where essentially we talked about our favorite “Geek Girl”. Mine? Kaylee Frye. Or at least …

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