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Aug 24

Because bacon doesn’t grow on trees

That's right. Governor.

The road to gainful employment is a treacherous and convoluted one. So many rules and proper etiquettes to abide by. Where to find jobs? What should I put in my resume? What should I wear? What should I answer this or that question? So many questions with few definite answers. And trying to get a job in the tech/gaming industry …

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Jul 04

“Booth Babe” Make-Over

TL;DR:Karma argues in favor of a new kind of “Booth Babe”. Women and Men who are not objects and who actually contribute to the marketing/selling process. The fantastic folks at Bitmob recently put out a video where host Chloe Dykstra quizzed multiple E3 “Booth Babes” about some pretty basic video game knowledge. Okay, I will …

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