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Sep 28

Quickscope Movie Review: 50/50

A few weeks ago, I got a pass for two to go see 50/50 starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With my life co-oper being out of town for business, I dragged Lawjick out of the basement to come see a free movie with me. And honestly things couldn’t have worked out better. The movie …

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Sep 21

Gorilla Challenge Accepted and Completed

Although it happened only a a little a week ago, right now it feels like it was last month. Half of the GVL crew (Lawjick, Peanut and I), some friends, a lab partner, and life co-oper finally took part in the rescheduled Gorilla Challenge. (more info here). The experience was mostly positive all around for …

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Aug 10

Why you no finish game?

A few nights ago I finally finished playing through the main story of L.A. Noire (DLC, you’re next!). I thought the story held well together from start to finish despite the fact that it felt that there was a weird gap between the Homicide missions and the Ad Vice missions. To talk about the most …

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Jul 20

Gettin’ Hammered – Steampunk Edition


As Karma brought up earlier this week (see the post here), the GVL crew will all be in attendance for a Chinese steampunk themed wedding. There are only four days left now before the big day, and that means that I needed to set up my own costume fast. Since you already know, after reading …

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