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Sep 05

Pax Prime 2011: The Bigger, Faster, Stronger Booth “Babe”


So, a few months ago, I did a piece about booth babes. To recap it was about how the idea of a booth babe could be vastly improved by gender equality, providing them with ample information about your product and costume relevancy (legitimate photo ops). This year, when I wandered into PAX, I ran into …

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Aug 31

Bigger doesn’t mean better: PAX Indie Games

Charlie Murder 2

Nearly 70,000 people got together in the Washington State Convention Center last weekend for the fan centered event that is PAX Prime 2011. As a gamer, you know that for me PAX is a special celebrational yearly event very much akin to Christmas. I’m not only saying that because I get to swag hunt like a hungry …

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