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Jul 25

A peek at Steampunk and Weddings


So, you’ll notice… this is late. I stumbled out of bed around 11am, muscles aching, head pounding and grateful that my ribs could expand to their full capacity. Why? Well, I spent most of my waking hours yesterday dressed like this: Pretty dang snazzy, right? Unfortunately wearing that corset and the boots, which you regretfully …

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Jul 20

Gettin’ Hammered – Steampunk Edition


As Karma brought up earlier this week (see the post here), the GVL crew will all be in attendance for a Chinese steampunk themed wedding. There are only four days left now before the big day, and that means that I needed to set up my own costume fast. Since you already know, after reading …

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Jul 18

Costume Theory – Steampunk Edition

Steampunk 5 by KatBretPhotography on deviantArt

So lately what little free time I have has been spent sewing in preparation for a Chinese steampunk themed wedding happening in… oh… little under a week? Geeze, that’s terrifying. Still have a pile of things to get done. So why am I taking some of that precious time to talk to you? Well, for …

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